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Chris Hadfield has first press conference since landing back on terra firma

Canadian astronaut talked about how his body's readjusting to life on Earth

In his first press conference since he landed back on terra firma, Chris Hadfield told journalists about life after space.

"It's very confusing for my body, right now – for a couple different reasons," Commander Hadfield told reporters.

In space, Hadfield didn't have to worry about the effects of gravity, so he didn't have to worry about holding his head up, or supporting the weight of his body, for example.

"Right after I landed, I could feel the weight of my lips and tongue, and I had to change how I was talking – I didn't realize I had learned to talk with a weightless tongue," Hadfield said.

Gravity even changes the way our body pumps blood and for Commander Hadfield, making sure he's getting enough to his head is a challenge now that his body has to accommodate the force of gravity.

"I've been wearing a G-suit to squeeze the blood up into my head," Hadfield said.

That readjustment is an extended light-headed feeling, similar to the one we experience when we're laying down and suddenly get up.

"It's sort of like when you come off a ride at the CNE," Hadfield said. "Your inner ear and eyes are telling you different things."

In order to help his body readjust to life on Earth, he's working with an extensive team of researchers and doctors, but he said he's already feeling progress.

"My body's just sore and I'm dizzy, but It's getting better, measurably, by the hour," he said.

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